About Us

LoveThiz was born out of the idea that the Internet should have a longer memory for good things in life.

Today, when people share their love for brands and people, what they share disappears in the noise. LoveThiz provides an online service for anyone and everyone to spread the word about the brands and people they love via twitter. LoveThiz will store the nice things people say on the relevant LoveThiz page for a person or a brand.

Brands and people can see why people love them by visiting their LoveThiz page. It's good to love, to be loved, and to know why you are being loved.

In summary, LoveThiz is all about supporting the brands and people we love.


Meet the Team:

Rajesh Setty of Foresight Plus is the visionary behind LoveThiz. Rajesh’s mission in life is to bring good ideas to life, with love!  He fully believes that LoveThiz is one of those good ideas. To read more about Rajesh, the companies he is involved with, and the books he has authored, click here: http://www.rajeshsetty.com



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